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Real Estate Services

Rever Maison is a real estate firm located in Chandigarh. We have been in the business for years, we have worked with diverse clients, we have the know-how and elegance, and as such combine our vast experience and extensive reach to make sure our clients get the best services.


Triggered by the passion to help clients solve all real estate-related problems, Rever Maison have gathered a team of certified, trusted, proven, grounded and dynamic real estate agents that can effectively tackle everything that has to do with real estate services. Also, our team of experts work tirelessly to banish the daunting nightmares of clients by making sure they have little to do.


To ensure our clients feel secured and supported at all times, Rever Maison don’t leave them to themselves after providing services. Rather, Rever Maison experts provide follow up services to make sure they are getting the required results.

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Real Estate Strategy Development

Rever Maison serves as consultant and planners for end users, investors, property owners, financial institutions, government bodies and developers around the world on the best strategy for real estate development. Rever Maion take into consideration the financial, political and physical feasibility of projects while also applying our in-depth knowledge of investment risks

Retail / Corporate Spaces

At Rever Maison getting our clients the best strategic space for their businesses is one of the areas we have always excelled in. Whether you need a space for rent, lease or even purchase, Rever Maison consider the commercial, political and societal impact on your business or requirement and get you the very best space around.

Real Estate Buying

Real estate buying can be a nightmare with the wrong agents and information. At Rever Maison, we know the cost and passion that goes into purchasing a home, as such,  we ensure we follow all requirements and instructions to the last letter, while also offering timely advise and recommendations to ensure our clients get their dream home.

Real Estate Selling

Either as an individual seller or a firm that specializes on real estate selling, at Rever Maison, we know and value the importance placed on properties by sellers. Therefore, Rever Maison ensure nothing goes wrong and it is done right. Also, we estimate the worth of properties, consider the market trends, and the future potential growth of the property to make sure our sellers get the best value.

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Affinity Greens

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Who Are We?

Rever Maison is more than just real estate company. Hence;

We are Driven

At Rever Maison we love what we do, we gain joy from our clients’ satisfaction, we never get tired of helping our clients with our wide network range, we do not leave any loose ends in our operations and most importantly we are always motivated and fired up to do more.

We are Dynamic

Dogmatism is never affiliated with Rever Maison. We employ a thorough pragmatic approach to all our services, be it consultation, real estate buying and selling, or real estate strategy development. All that matters to Rever Maiosn is exploring all legal options to get our clients satisfactory deals.

We are Efficient

At Rever Maison, we offer cost-effective, high-quality and timely solutions to our clients’ needs. Also, we combine ideas, make extensive research, and add new things to make sure we reach and exceed our clients expectations.

We are Reliable

Reliability is what Rever Maison is known for and we have always lived up to the billing. We pride ourselves with creating positive and lasting relationships with our clients. Similarly, we offer ourselves as the best outlet for real estate consultation, real estate buying and selling, strategy development and retail/corporate spaces services.

Calm Sea

Neeraj Gupta from Rever Maison helped me find the appropriate location for my upcoming hospital. Rever Maison also provided me with the proper research work about the locations and why would it be the best option.

Dr. Anish Gupta

GMCH-32, Chandigarh


Rever Maison helped us in getting our dream home. The major difference we found in dealing with them and others was the after sale service provided to us. They surely live up to their moto.

Aditya Jain, Techbrewrey

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Contact Us

Rever Maison, 136-140/43, Industrial Area, Chandigarh


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